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Knights of Columbus Joliet Council #382 Events

Knights of Columbus hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Keep yourself updated by checking this page for new events and monthly events under Monthly Bulletin.

Monday Bean Bags

Bean Bag League, Monday starting at 7:00 PM
$5 per week, Blind Draw
Pay out the same week

Tuesday Bingo & Queen of Hearts

Bingo on Tuesday starting at 6:45 PM
Regular Bingo Includes: "Inside Corners", "Outside Corners", "Postage Stamp", "Straight Line", "Diagonal Line".

Bingo Games

Queen of Hearts on Tuesday during the Bingo break, we draw a name for our Queen of Hearts Raffle. Even if you don't find the Queen, other prizes are available if you are present when your name is drawn.

Wednesday Country Line Dancing

Country Line Dancing Lessons, Wednesday starting at 6:00 PM

Friday Fish Fry

Fish Fry, Friday 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Try our new salmon, it's wild caught Alaskan Coho rubbed with our special blend of smoked sugar and black pepper, delish.

A word about our fish. Now all our fish (except catfish) comes from sustainable Alaskan sources. In fact all fish from Alaska is sustainable, it's mandated in their state constitution. Our catfish comes from farms in Mississippi, so all our fish comes from the U.S.A. No need to feel guilty while eating our delicious fish.

Also, all our fish is chemical free. Other fish fry's use fish treated with TSP (yes, the same TSP, trisodium phoshate, they use to clean walls prior to painting). We refuse to feed our customers such fish. So, our prices may be a little higher than others but so is our quality!

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