Joliet Council 382


Please remember to pray for our deceased Brother Knights and Ladies of the Auxiliary. 
To become a member of Council 382 and to learn more about our Council, please visit our club! 
You must be a practicing Catholic gentleman, at least 18 years of age. 

2015-2016 Officers of the Knights of Columbus Council #382


Elected Council Officers
Grand Knight        Richard Foecking
Deputy Grand Knight        Bob Schmitt
Chancellor            Jeff Greenberg
Warden           Bob Kinmouth
Recording Secretary            Jose Vargas
Treasurer           Jim Lawler
Trustee for 1 Year           Bob Kobe
Trustee for 2 Years           Mike Gasteier
Trustee for 3 Years            Danny Talarico
Outside Guard            Tom Schmitt
Outside Guard            Chuck McCauley
Inside Guard           George Onderak
Inside Guard           Dave Lewis
Advocate        John Gallo

Appointed Officers
Chaplain            Fr. Tom Andres
District Deputy            Thad Stewart
Financial Secretary            Ray Slattery
Lecturer         Dan Stock
Insurance Agent      Timothy Berryhill 

Joliet Columbian Club(Building Association)
President             Bill Jenkins
Vice-President       Bob Kinmouth
Secretary          Jim Lawler
Treasurer          Ray Slatery
Board Member          Don Hawver
Board Member            Bob Koby
Board Member            Bob Schmitt
Board Member             Mike Gasteier
Grand Knight Rep.             Richard Foecking
Deputy G. K. Rep.            Bob Schmitt
Trustee Rep.               Danny Talarico